Sunday, July 15, 2007

I dont like green beans!

I dont think that I like green beans ANYMORE~

In fact I know I dont~ Atleast not today! I have picked beans 3 times this week. My freezer is getting very full, but my hands are sore, and I am tired of picking them. UGH! Hubby is staying busy so he can't help me pick or snap or freeze!

I am really actually kind of grumpy, and I can't snap out of it! I know it wont be long and he will be gone. We are planning a vacation to Florida before he leaves but everytime we think we are ready to lock in a date then the ARMY SAYS NO! So now we just wait and WAIT!

Maybe soon we will get to see Mickey and Pooh~

I just really do not want him to leave and the only thing he keeps talking about is leaving and what he will be doing there. YES... I want to know, but I am starting to feel really aggervated, and, Dont get me wrong, I am proud of him and what he will do there. My emotions are feeling a little bit RAW!

I remember all too well what it was like when he was gone before, the missed holidays, birthdays and family get togethers. How I felt seeing other couples with their children, and at times feeling angery that I could NOT share that time with my husband. Seeing the couples laugh with their children. What he was missing as a father, that the boys were doing... 1st words and steps.. Now this time one going to Kindergarten and the other Drivers ED!
Worring on a DAILY basis that he was safe. Dreading phone calls at times. People calling asking me if he was one of the injured they heard about on the radio or T.V. AS IF I WOULD NOT TELL THEM!

I wish that I had someone who really understands! Instead of just telling me that you do...When unless you have lived it......... YOU DONT!