Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blogger and Gardening!

Why can't I just get one post in? Blogger is being MEAN! I am getting aggervated!

File under another lost post! I just dont get this thing! I cant post pictures and the thing wont even save my post!

Here is VERY simple version.

Staying busy with hubby training to leave for Iraq
Kids and I go to pool when we can
Mower is being a meany again and keeps breaking
Garden is kicking my tush
Been canning cucumbers,Have 19 jars.. tomatoes are next.
Positive thing is I have 12, 1 gallon bags full of green beans in my freezer.
Josh went to Military camp, had a great time.
Kids are growing
planning a vacation before hubby leaves.

Whew... I cant type more or I may loose it all!
How is everyone?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Crazy Busy and Chaos

I keep trying to post on here, however blogger is being very difficult. I type out everything I want to say, and then try and add my photos and I loose it all! It all just disappears. I have tried this for about a week now. So You may or may not get pictures today! LOL!

We have been staying very busy with the garden which is growing beautifully. Everything is nice and green and getting tall. I can hardly wait to have fresh veggies. I am really looking forward to a summer favorite of ours here. Pasta salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. MMM MMM Good! Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

Hubby is staying busy as well with work, he has been moving his office so it has been very chaotic and busy for him. He keeps trying to learn more about leaving, and everything changes from day to day!

The boys are enjoying the summer as well as they can. Our Park pool isn't opened yet, they are fixing a leak and until then we are just out of luck. However we can still go to the base and use the pool there. I just don't know why we haven't done that yet!

Josh has had his own fun. He broke his collar bone, scapula, and acroniom. The meds make him VERY hyper and silly! We have had a MRI for extra testing. The doctor had some concerns and has run some test to make sure things are OK. We are praying for things to all work out and everything to be alright. We will know for sure soon! We go back to the specialist on Friday.

Made a trip to Michigan, what a trip it was. Neice graduated, Josh was hurt ,and the kids cried and fought off and on the whole drive. I was SO glad to be back at home!