Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I feel like the world is spinning. I want it to stop if only for a second. The spinning is SOO fast!
I am completely overwhelmed. I started this whole thing with finding something EVERYDAY that I am thankful for.... However!
Today, Life just has fizzed and to be blunt IT SUCKS!
Our computer has been acting dumb and caught some INCURABLE virus and we decided to take the plunge and brake down and get a new one. But..now I have to figure out Vista Shimishta. Hopefully I will be able to add photos when I add them to this new computer which I might learn to like.... I just found comfort like an old shoe in my old one. The keys seemed to fit my fingertips and everything! I will be okay. I just feel a bit dizzy. Thank God we could get a new one and not pay for it until after the holidays.

Matters only seemed to get a bit more fun (sarcastically speaking) when the phone rang and it was the big guys from the commander, Hubby now has to report MONDAY! I know that I can find comfort and thanks in the fact that he has been of the last week and a half HOWEVER I feel like being a CRAB! So I will say this....I AM thankful that he has been home on vacation spending time with us all!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Are you playing?

Today I am thankful.......
I am thankful that my husband is cook bacon and french toast!
Thankful that my children slept in a bit and are at the moment cheerful!

Don't forget to leave those comments, and I will draw a name and choose someone to send a goody to! I will draw Wednesday evening!

Isnt it Monday?

I am lost, I told you that blogger was being mean.... I still cant get pictures to upload and now it is saying I posted on sunday in the last 2 post which were actually today! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe am just too tired to figure it out!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Still looking....

I am still looking for comments to pick a name from! You know everyone likes something free in the mail! Leave me a comment on what you are thankful for and keep checking and commenting I will pick a name on Wednesday~

This is what the holidays are ALL about. It isn't what you GET... It is WHAT Are you thankful for? It could ALL be taken away in a blink of an eye!

Think of the California fires, Hurricane Katrina, 911~ A loved one going off to war and never returning~ It could be anything~

Today, I am thankful that my hubby is STILL on vacation ( until DEC 10th) when he leaves for Iraq. I am thankful we didn't get into a fight when I rearranged the office and I broke the computer desk. He didn't get mad,and he bought some brackets and fixed it back up!

Thankfulness after Thanksgiving

Please Lord let all my photo's upload... Blogger is being so mean again! Then again, everything has been going wrong since yesterday~ I am thankful it is a new day! So we can all start fresh.

Yesterday my computer crashed and hubby took it apart and read a book on how to possibly fix it. Well as you can see I am online... BUT! The computer is still not acting right~ Seems slow and like it is dying. I just would like to make it through Christmas and then I will worry about a new one. IF... it can make it~ So in any regard, I am thankful I can atleast post a bit.

The friday night after Thanksgiving, we have a tradition to go downtown to Indianapolis ( No matter how cold) and watch the lighting of the Christmas tree, and spend time with some really great friends. I am so thankful they are such good freinds and that God has put them in our lives!

Jordan was a blast too, carring her blanket everywhere to stay warm, she has a special place in my heart, and she caused a laugh too.... She was told by a man that she looked like a Native American toting her blanket. I am thankful for the face she made when he said that to us!
Just wish I had a picture of it~

I was also glad to walk through the mall with our friends and laugh at Tom... ( We wont embarass him on here, but we laughed!) The time Joey and I had walking through the stores and looking at the decor... Esp the SNOWMEN! Helping her pick her Christmas cards...
I am thankful for the time we shared,That Tom was home safe with us, and that the kids ALL got along and behaved!

Starbucks was there as well to keep us ALL warm! The gave out FREE Hot cocoa! We tried the Peppermint~
I am thankful they warmed us all up with good cheer, the FREE cocoa, and the man serving making me laugh! Oh and repeating his little dance so I could take a picture of it!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Lil Reto Feeling!

Christain pulled out the Old VCR tapes from a long time ago! He said, "Mom, What dat?"
I told him they were movies like the DVDS, he didnt believe me.... So I took him to our room and pilled him up on our bed and popped Bambi in for him... Finding it fitting since his brother was just mean to Bambi's family. HA HA!

Deer Season~

I can hardly believe it is almost Thanksgiving! I am really looking forward to it! We are having some really great friends, and Tom's mom over and planning a HUGE meal! I can HARDLY wait! I love fall and the beauty of the colors but now it is all faded away and the trees are almost bare so I have the picture to remind me of home and the beauty of the season!
Opening day for Deer was Saturday.... Josh got his first deer and according to hubby it was a nice one. I just could cry though... I don't think Bambi should EVER, EVAH, EVAH,EVAH have to be killed... Joshua was SUPER excited! I am happy that he had a good day hunting with his DAD! That will be a memory he will always have!
Boy's will be boys and I just can't believe my little ( But bigger then me) baby is growing up SO fast! I could just CRY! Yet I am so proud of him... Even though I will NOT eat the meat! EWW~
Can you believe I posted 2 days in a row? LOL!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Big Girl Panties, Cotton Balls and Faith!

I seem to have fallen into a RUT! I know, I know, I havent blogged and when I have it seems because I have something to say that is about my sad story of hubby leaving.

Today though I turned the T.V. on to the last channel that was on when I went to bed last night... I WANTED to wathc the weather.... BUT God had other plans!

This is what I got in the last 5 minutes of the program...

God has promised ME, I am Blessed
God has promised ME I am Strong
I CAN do all things through Christ.....
I AM a child of God,
I have talents and treasures to offer to those around me.

Here is where my Faith has to come in.... Which is filled with God's promises.

Mark 4 31-32 It is a grain of mustard seed, which, when it sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth:
But when it sown, it groweth up, and becomes taller than all the herbs, and shooteth out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it.

God says to have peace, be still he is with me... Even on days that hubby will be gone and I am lonely and people worry me about thoughts they have on him coming home. He is with me on the days the kids are running around making messes and making new ones before I get the last one cleaned up. On nights I am comforting a sick child or I can't sleep because the bed feels empty. He is always there. I have to keep that mustard seed watered so it can grow~ ALL I NEED IS FAITH THE SIZE OF A MUSTARD SEED! AND Of coarse and my Big girl panties, and cotton balls for my ears!