Friday, September 26, 2008

What we have been up to~

The summer started off great, until June..... This is what proceeded everything our friends, our community, and our family have endured since early June. Just like the song when the lightning strikes the thunder ROLLS~~~~

June brought heavy rain to our town, I think almost 10 inches to be exact, It sure was a sight to wake to ....
This is the playground surrounding my sons school, not to mention the white building you see peeking through the trees is the Kroger's grocery.
This is Marsh, they obviously were out of everything as anyone that could get to them loaded up.... It was kinda like our town was a big camp ground. Since we were all with out power for a minimum of three days Neighbors all got together with food, grills and lawn chairs and joined in TOGETHER.

Then there was the tornado that whipped through the military base.....
The military fellows helping us all out .....
Loosing a first tooth
Getting lots of freckles, and naming each and everyone.
Mastering Potty training! Wow! That was a big one!

Remember the fallen soldiers, and placing a flag for my grandfather who served in WW1Starting school again!

To me what really matters, is that God kept is all safe, he looked out for us, My husband is still gone but God keeps him covered too! Our friend that lost everything have found a new appreciation for their homes, and figured out it isn't what you have, it is what matters most In your heart... Family, being safe and together. I thank God he was there for us all!