Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Little Smiles......

I was so happy to have pictures FINALLY upload I decided to add a few more. Just things the kids do that make me smile. Like taking the trash to the road when the trash can is as big as they are. I Love it... when the boys can play and get along and make silly faces...with silly teeth..... Just makes me smile:) Even when I am BLUE............ I couldn't get the other photo's to upload.... ERRRRRRRRRR Imagine that!

Help I am in a FUNK!

Do you ever fell like you just want to stay in bed? I have felt this way for weeks now... I am SOOOO tired. I think I am just too anxious and overwhelmed with hubby leaving soon. TOO soon!
Stay Tuned... I will be back to posting again SOON!

My kids do make me smile though.. I just wish I was NOT so tired......I guess stress will do that!