Monday, January 14, 2008

Lost in Outer space!

Our really good friends (More like family) whom we love dearly.... Came out in the freezing cold to see Thomas off! Thanks a million guys, Tom was so glad to have those moments with you and breakfast before heading out!
Tom and his mother Anna, and his baby sis Amy! Believe it or not I am close to both of them!
This is a horrifying picture, a woman wanted to call security because we were saying goodbye to Tom... Very silly, as well as aggravating so we rushed to get a few more pic's in!
This was the sign that was lit up in the Indianapolis Hoosier Dome for for all the attending and soldiers!
Here come the 3,400 soldiers, all waving and cheering, even though they knew they would sit through a 2 hour ceremony and this would be the last time they would be in the room with their loved ones!
Dad and the boy's
Tom and I, I had just been BALLING!
The 3,400 Soldiers ALL deploying to Iraq, I couldn't get them all in one picture, but I am sure you get the idea! There were over 20,000 people that attended that day! It was very emotional!

I know that I haven't updated in a bit...There has been so much going on~It has be very crazy here in my "land of outer space" I can't even think of where to start! Tom came home and spent 10 days with us for Christmas, and we were so busy seeing family, and friends that the time just seemed to fly by.

One thing that really bothers me is that I overheard him talking to a friend that I was distancing myself from him and staying in other rooms of the house. ( Just to clarify... I was doing laundry and keeping busy in other rooms, instead of watching a movie or spending time with him in the same room).. He said, "why don't you fold the laundry in the living room"... I didn't and it bothers me now. We were told that this was normal and some people do this as a way of making it easier to say goodbye. I cant describe to you the agony that I have felt over this. I know that he knows that I love him and that I am going to miss him with all my heart and I know how he feels about me. I JUST HATE THAT HE IS GONE! After this was heard, I waited until we were alone and told him that I had heard what he had said and that I was sorry that it bothered him. I did NOT do it on purpose, nor did I mean to hurt him by not spending time with him so I made sure I did the rest of the time he was home. The last night is forever etched in my heart, a very simple evening.. watching Shrek the 3rd, and Pirates of the Caribbean with the boys, Tom told me lay my head on his lap and just relax, I did my best to remember this was our last night for a very long time, and savor every moment! Our family time was very special and I will remember those moments forever. Those are what matter to me, and the boys will remember, ( even if they all fell asleep before Shrek was even over) LOL!

I knew that if I blogged and let my feelings out I would start to cry and I thought that enough time had passed just to get to this, but when I sit at a keyboard to blog the words and feelings sometimes just overcome me. I remember all too well what it was like and comments people would make about THEIR loved ones being gone( For business) and I would get so upset at the comparison. You can go here for an archive of the post about those feelings. Darn it !!! The post was titled Top 10 things NOT to ask...and the answers... Since I cant figure out how to directly link this former post... The date was 4/5/07 So just look at the archives.
Now, that I am crying again.... On to better things! We bought a house! I have been keeping VERY busy cleaning, packing and unpacking at the new house. Painting, shampooing carpets, hiring a Dry ~Waller to re~do the bathroom, and trying to decide what wallpaper to hang in the kitchen.
The boys are all VERY excited about the move and ask each time we make a trip in the new house's direction if we can take this and that to the new house. I just wish that Christian could understand that I am not putting the Christmas tree back up til NEXT year!!!!
The boys all go to different schools, Christian goes to a school for speech and language since he hardly talks. ( He is 3, soon to be 4 .. on Valentines day!) and still doest talk much and most is gibberish! He will get there. I have faith in that! Having 3 boys attending 3 different schools
is a NIGHTMARE! I wont even start on that!
So with Faith, God and prayers, Starbucks caffeine and Friends to call on I am in good hands!
F.Y.I. Tom says hello to all, and that when he gets settled he will guest blog from time to time so everyone knows how he is doing! XOXO