Thursday, October 05, 2006

A good day!

Today has been such a great day.. why you ask... well I dont know!

1. The weather is beautiful, a cool 60 degrees, no rain..
2. Went to Walmart and the boys BOTh sat in the cart WITHOUT fighting!
3. Went to Mcdonalds for lunch and they both ate every bite...
although mom was fed a bun off the floor... yuk, didnt relize it til looking at table to throw trash away that it was an extra. EWWWW
4. All 3 boys get flu shots tommorow instead of today.
5.THE NUMBER 1 REASON IS I just read about a blog friends morning and thought to myself I soooo can relate to her and am still grinning at what her child did...... Only because later I know my kids will probally do something similar. By the way if she reads this, Our cover to our big screen is gone ( had purchased a protective cover extra and kids broke ours.) So while theRE is NO LONGER A glare from the sun when the sun shines in, there is now NO extra protection from little boys!

Hope that everyones day is going well, mine is for NOW!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In Limbo!

At this present time in my life I feel like I am standing in a hallway with thousands of doors, and I just have to figure out which door to go through.
My husband is back and he is safe, the kids are healthy, school is underway. My oldest is in middle school this year and doing very well. My middle son is giving me havic as he has ADHD, and F.A.E.S. We adopted him and his younger brother, and we just continue to have problems with him. I just dont know what avenue to turn down and help him. Every day seems to be a battle with him. Part of his behavior is due to his age and the rest is from what he has been through. I just pray for him to walk through this with me, instead of fighting and screaming evryday! He has been through so much in his short life, and I am afraid to ask him what is going on in his head, as I am afraid I might trigger something he doesnt remember. He is asking questions about remembering his bio mom, he asked the other day is .blank. my mom and you too? He was seeking answers that he really would not understand. I just told him I was his mom and thankfully his brothers distracted him and he ran off. How do I handle this????? I want to be a good mom to him and be truthful but at this age I am at a loss!