Monday, November 10, 2008

Veterans Day

What is a "veteran?" Taken to the net, I found this at , ROD'S US MILITARY BLOG

A Man that really hit it hard!

I thought long and hard last night about this specific topic, as tomorrow is Veterans day.

A lot of people observe it on Mondays, yet it is truly Tuesday.

One would think that would be an easy question to answer. In the millions of laws passed over two centuries by Congress, you would think that at least one of them would define the term "military veteran." In actuality, there is no standardized legal definition of "military veteran" in the United States. You see, veteran benefits weren't created all at one time. They've been added one-by-one for over 200 years by Congress. Each time Congress passed a new law authorizing and creating a new veteran benefit, they included eligibility requirements for that particular benefit. Whether or not one is considered a "veteran" by the federal government depends entirely upon which veteran program or benefit one is applying for.
Defined by me, A Military Veteran is a man or woman that has served our country!

With today's country in the serious turmoil it is in... We NEED more Men and Woman to become able bodies and join the military,to become veterans, become Hero's! I have a few in my family...

My grandfather was a WWII Vet, Thank you Grandpa Lee, and Grandpa Bill,who served in Korea, and WWII....
Also to my husband, O.E.F, and now currently in Iraq.

Regardless of your definition, or what rights that you think they all deserve....They DON'T get enough in my opinion...Yes, I did marry a soldier, I knew what I could be "getting into."
No, I don't enjoy the war, I wish the soldiers were home just like MANY others! Something was started over there, and NOW it HAS to be finished!
YES, it was HIS choice to join the military, BUT could and would you loose a limb, get severely burned, tortured, captured, miss your home, family, a child's birth, the last days of a loved one, OR even die for a COMPLETE stranger? They make those sacrifices for us ... Not because we asked them, not by force, BUT BY CHOICE.
They do it every day, they made a choice to do that for US ALL! ALL of us complete strangers to them.... They would give it all....

Have you thanked them? I mean REALLY thanked them?

Not Me, Not Monday

I did NOT fall asleep in the recliner again last night.
I did NOT wake up at 4:30 AM and decide that since it was SUNDAY, I could go lay down for about 4-5 more hours. Knowing it was really MONDAY!
I did NOT take my kids to the mall, after they were horrible Saturday, even though I needed to shop.
I did NOT ALMOST put up the Christmas tree.
I did NOT sit on Santa's lap for the 1st time since High school over the weekend.
I did NOT get lazy and aggravated looking for a piece of paper, and gingerly allow the ones I didn't want to "fall" carelessly onto the floor.
I did NOT leave them there either!