Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ALL Done!!!!

Okay, I am officially done with my part in mowing... I mowed it all but a section I usually leave for my 13 year old. He is now grumpy as it is his turn! Kids have it so easy these days. When I was younger, I didnt have the luxuries kids do today.... Heck we didnt even have cable. Mom and dad had no cell phones, although dad had a beeper! LOL!!!! I remember the cell phones and what they looked like when they first came out... Big ole BAG PHONES! Remember those? I know I for one have gotten spoiled with todays modern conviences. I think we all have though. This brings me to wishing the part was here for my lawn mower.... SO I can sit on my SPOILED butt and MOW!!!!

Kicking myself!

Okay Huge mistake yesterday!I could just kick myself! Took the boys to the pool.... That was a good thing, they were wonderful so we stayed til about 4:30, then getting home everyone was so SO tired we ate and then sat on couch! I was dozing holding the baby, and Trenton (4) was falling asleep... It was like prying eyes apart to wake them, it was only around 6pm. Too early for bed! I got them moving and they were ok. Finally I went on and let them go to bed around 7:30. They were asking to go Nite nite!!! Can you believe it? They even slept til about 9am this s'morning!!! Woooooooo!!! Bad thing is I didnt finish mowing! It is soppossed to be hotter today and now I have to MOW!!!!!!!! So wish me luck! Hope you all out there in Blog world are having a good morning! Might write more later! If I have enough energy!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hi Ho Hi Ho Its Off To Work I Go!

Woooooo Hooooo ... Not really! You see we have a VERY large yard and we mow about 2 acres. The rest is fields and the farmers lease them. Anyway, our mower is broken and the part has been ordered for a LONG time now. I hate it when they say something is on backorder. We have been borrowing my husbands friends lawnmower however with him being gone the last 2 weeks I havent borrowed it. Two reasons, it is a VERY expensive commercial lawnmower and I also dont know how to haul the trailer with something on it, other then pulling forward in the yard. I would be afraid without practice of driving it in to someones vehicle by not turning properly. So with this we have to push mow. EWWWWWWWWW!!!!! To get this done takes forever. Three boys and the younger ones want to get right in the way. They are 2 and 4 so it means mow, stop and feed them, or take them in for a drink, break up a fight or something. It takes 2 days of this to complete the job. I didnt mow last week due to the heat and humidity so this week it is taller then usual. I got over half done yesterday and the 13 year old will be mowing some today. Woooo hoooooo..... I promised the kids we would go to the pool if they were good yesterday so I am taking them for the day and then tonight when it cools down I will be mowing AGAIN!!!! So looking forward to a nice day! I HOPE!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Three-Thirty AM!

I dreamed that I was at a "function" or such with Tom and we were in like a movie theater or audiotorium type setting, it was SO dark and I rememeber this function thing was about my children and it being VERY important that we ALL paid attention. This man walks in and was being rude VERY obnoxious. He sat right in front of me, and I am short! After a few minutes of not being able to see or hear, I said Shhhhh! Oh, was that the wrong thing to do! He jumped up and started yelling, So I then jumped up! I remember saying something about We are parents and this is about our children, we can't hear and we need to pay attention. I can't remember everything that happened that lead to the next moment, Maybe it is because the moment was SO PROFOUND and REAL! He pulls out a LONG SHOT GUN, ( Where did that come from I thought?) He looks me straight in the eys and says Do you believe? I said What? Well I just SCREAMED I believe in God, I gulped and He pulled the trigger. I WOKE UP! Sweating and wondering why i had this dream! I know that I was raised in church, my dad preached every sunday, I have seen things I thought were of God. I though have for awhile I have questioned things about him though. Questioned if he was something people made up or talked about because everyone else did. Last night though I knew he was real, and I know he has been working on me, I feel the "pull" of Christ in my life, I KNOW he paid the ultimate price so that I can have everlasting life! Somedays it is so hard to be strong, we ALL come SOOO short of his glory but he loves us and ALWAYS forgives us. He is there all the time! Days come and go, and sometimes I feel as though Why is this all happening to me? God has a plan, and I feel as though he leads us all down certian paths and and has us meet certian people or in my case read someones blog that restores my faith once again! Anyway, think about it.... Do you really believe! I KNOW I DO!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hippa! Hippa! Hippa!

I am SO MAD today that I could just SCREAM!!!! We got a bill in the mail today from a medical facility for $314.00, I looked at it and thought how could this be? I sat it down and walked away thinking hmmm probally just something coming in the mail to let me know they ( dr's ) were billing insurance. Anyway, I was starting to do something else and thought wait a minute something didnt seem right that bill was bugging me so i went back to review. There was no where on the bill that indicated they were even billing insurance, it said $0.00 for the blank where insurance amount was.

I immediatly picked up the phone and dialed the number, Voice on the phone says I can NOT discuss this with you due to the Hippa Laws. ( It was a bill for my husband) Mind you were a military family and I have FULL power of attorney to discuss anything regarding him on file pretty much everywhere we have dealt with. This woman still was so arrogant and nastey. Finally, she realizes I am able to know about this bill. Which is a big ole mess due to a referral and SHE tells me to call the doc that refferred him. I do and again..... HIPPA! HIPPA! HIPPA! After almost an hour and talking to several different people ( 1 including having to call hubby in the field on his cell, when he had hardly a signal for him to say YOU have permission to talk to my wife, I am busy training men to protect you~CLICK!) He was ticked! I think we may have this on the road to being resolved! One can ONLY hope! I do understand that this "New Hippa Law" is designed to protect our privacy HOWEVER, I do think it is going too far at times... Sheesh if they want money then they need to talk to the one with the checkbook!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Calgon.... Take me away!!!!

I really do miss my husband when he is gone! It has been almost 1 week. I have been through much worse then this, however this is the first time he has left for almost a year. I am so used to him "entertaining" the little guys while i get dinner ready, and he isnt here.

Last week he came home from work around lunchtime, as he knew he was leaving so that he could spend some family time with us. Well the boys were acting as they do EVERYDAY and he says to me... Are you ready for this? He said, "Sheesh are they like this everday?" I replied , "Dont you listen to me?" This from a guy who lovingly asks me how my day was every evening during dinner. He told the 4 year old that if he knew he was going to act the way he was he would have stayed at work! UGH!!!!!! He said they were overwhelming him. Maybe he needs to stay home with them and Icould go back to work! HA!! HA !!! I think men should endure what a SAHM does for one WHOLE WEEK! They would be so much more understanding!

The boys have been having a real tough time with dad being gone this time, and have been clingy, whiny and fighting about everything!

I would really like to curl up and relax, watch some t.v. and if I doze off and take a nap that would be ok too! Even a bath with bubbles and a book would be nice. You know though what I would get though right?
Kids prying my eyes open saying Mom are you awake? ( I would be then) Or??? they would be right out the bathroom door screaming MOMMMMMMM are you DONEEEEE??????? MOMMMMMMMMMM Can I come in????????

Someone just throw me some Calgon, I am going IN!!!!


It never fails that when Tom is away something happens. My life turns upside down and inside out. Or so it seems. Last night our 4 year old was playing with his brothers and I kept telling them careful, stop running, not so rough it is close to bedtime so settle down... You know how it is! Someone ALWAYS seems to get hurt, especially when they are this wired!! It happened too! The 4 year old starts SCREAMING..... and there was blood gushing from his nose....or was it his mouth? Off to the restroom to get cleaned up. UGH!!! It is his mouth and his nose. I panic in situations such as these, I have a weak stomach when I see blood! So now I am asking or was I yelling at my 13 year old what happened, and such while cleaning the lil guy up. He wiped out on his face from jumping on the bed mom.. After cleaning him up I can see the damage. He has slit or gashed his lip in 2 spots and his upper gum is still bleeding. Now I feel quesy!!! After a few minutes I decide a trip to the ER is in order. Getting there was and ordeal in its own. It was pouring and hailing HARD!! I have never been inside a vehicle while it hailed and let me tell you children screaming and the radio can NOT drown the sound out! The 4 year old is afraid of storms so it made for a fun trip! Arrive at ER safe and waited for 2 hours to be seen, by now I could have just went home. The Doc came in and said the lip is starting to grow back together already and they will "glue it together!" Waiting 2 hours for glue??? UGH!!! While I was glad to not have had him look like "Stitch" I am still not convinced this was the answer, so only time will tell! I wonder though if he will settle down when I ask the next time?
Who am I kidding????? He is a 4 year old little boy, with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of energy! Wish me luck today. We have to call the dentist as his tooth is loose from the fall!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another Day......

Think it is going to one of those days today! Someday the world around me is all smiles and others it is laughing at me! HA! HA! My husband is in the National Guard, and while he was was in the military before we married, it doesnt make it easier when he is gone even after 15 years.

My husband returned almost 1 year ago from Afghainstan after being gone for nearly 16 months. Anyway this past saturday he left for 2 weeks for his annual training. He broke his foot a week before leaving and with the weather as hot as it is, 96 with a heat index of 110 I feel bad for him. The humidity is terrible, and they are in the field. He called yesterday and said he had not showered since he left and was hot and stinky, and his foot was hurting a little.

I miss him and the boys do as well. I felt very emotional as he packed to leave. It felt as though he was leaving to Afghainstan all over again! He will be home before no time and things will be well again!

The kids today as well as yesterday are keeping me on my toes. They're fighting and hitting each other and not sharing. The 2 year old keeps asking for Daddy, I know this will to pass..... Can it NOW??? HA HA