Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Long awaited update

I can hardly believe that I have went this long with friends and family afar wondering how I am.... I am SO Sorry!

I had my Bi Lat Mastectomy January 29th, went very well, and started reconstruction the same day.
It made me feel better to know that I was waking to a Lil something than nothing. Just the same it was heart wrenching.
I cant describe the loss a woman feels.....
How the way you don't want anyone to see you look so bad....

My Birthday was Feb 1st and while I don't remember most of it from sleeping and pain meds I am sure that from the pictures I enjoyed the cake!

I felt constantly tired and could seem to stay awake around the 8th or so of February
I felt so weak and exhausted.... My boys and husband had been sick so everyone "assumed" I was getting ill too. Sick Yes, Just not what we hoped for!

I was admitted back into to hospital for emergency surgery, the right breast implant and all the beginning reconstruction had to be removed, I developed a serious infection, as well as a delirious state of mind due to a fever of almost 106....
I was heavily medicated with STRONG antibiotics, spent a week in bed in the hospital and returned home... I have been on the mend since. I am just so ready for life to return to normal... C..... Cancer SUCKS!