Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's Happening

Day after Thanksgiving 2007
Christmas Eve 2007
Christmas Day 2007 ( Pouting my chin up to hide it)

January 2008

I have waited SO long to actually feel good about buying clothes, I dont yet... since now I am in between sizes.
I have waited for somone to say Oh wow, and pat me on the back and actually notice the hard work I have been putting forth since I started this change of lifestyle, (change of diet.) I have went for months getting excited as I would see the Dr. for Blood pressure checks, and just last week a glucose test. My sugar and BP had been high off and on but The Dr. asured me that getting the weight off would bring me back. Well I am no longer pre~diabetic, and while my BP spikes at times, the Dr. as have I have noticed now it is usually stress induced. I am not where I need to be or where I want to be, but I do have more energy, and dont get worn out as easily chasing after the boys. I am liking who I see in the mirror again though and that is IMPORTANT! For sixteen years this has been a challenge, and I am FINALLY motivated to do something about it! Espescially since someone yesterday really didnt recognize me, and I told here who I was... she just didnt put it all together UNTIL I showed her my Drivers Licence picture. She thought I looked so different. I am proud the work is showing, but will NEVER forget what I looked like, or HOW it feels to be starred at like you are a pig, when at resturants I always felt like someone was starring like are you going to eat ALL of that! It was so degrading, humiliating...but humbling too. For now I see what others struggle with and will never put an overweight person down. It hurts.... and they too can acheive success, it is hard and alot of work but it isw SO SO worth it! It matters to me that I am healthy and able to let go of it all and be there for my kids and enjoy them... They matter to me, and the weight has made it hard to have fun with them. I am thankful to see that, and to be heading down the right path!

April 24th 2008 ( Previous Pictures were Mid April at the park with the boy's. I havent been able to fit on one in years....

Just a glimpse

Sounds of the 76th IBCT
In the summer of 2007 after learning of an impending deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the Indiana National Guard sought the support of the 38th Infantry Division Band. The band had recently debuted a new auxiliary rock band, Rapid Fire.
Rapid Fire received rave reviews for performances in and out of Indiana, including a live performance at the Indianapolis 500. The brigade asked Rapid Fire to arrange, perform and record two songs in support of the deployment. The Soldiers of Rapid Fire, along with many other members of the band, enthusiastically took up the mission and under a short suspense and more than a little anticipation delivered the recordings in time for the Nighthawks' departure ceremony.
When I Chose to be a Soldier captures a rare glimpse of the relationship between deploying Soldiers and their children, the beloved Army Brats.
Nighthawk is a rousing and uplifting salute to the citizen Soldiers of the brigade.
Both songs are available here for free download in MP3 format compliments of Rapid Fire, the 38th Infantry Division Band and the
Indiana National Guard.

Nighthawk When I Chose to be a Soldier
Rapid Fire Photo Gallery By Sgt. Mike Krieg