Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well today is proving to be a much better day, the boys woke up cheery. I snuggled them each up and loved and kissed on them. They both ate breakfast and are snuggled up the couch watching GO Diego.

Ok guys I am stressing here, and I dont know why. This should be something I want to jump and do but I just dont have it in me. I have gotten lazy I guess. HELP! Tommorow is my birthday and the 8th is our 15 year anniversary... Anyway Hubs has army stuff to tend to and we decided to get a sitter for the boys and go to dinner friday night. I just dont feel like it I can't pinpoint why. We havent been out alone in 2 years, we ALWAYS take the boys everywhere we go. To be quite honest, I do the grocery shopping with them in tow. I keep thinking maybe we should just stay home, just stay home and watch our normal shows you know the typical... Normal Boring Routine~ Nothing special. My friend thinks maybe my spirit is telling me no for a reason. HELP!!!! This is something I should be looking forward to!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

NO Way Mom!

I dont really know why my 4 year old thinks that he is SUDDENLY MY BoSS!
There are days when he is a really great kid... HOWEVER today he has me seeing RED! I know there are alot of things he does that a "typical boy" does BUT..... I really think that God may be trying to teach ME a lesson or two about patience. Something that is not my strong suite.

Today I asked him what he would like for breakfast, he responded COOKIES.... I said no that was not a breakfast choice. I named off cereal, waffles, eggs, oatmeal, toast, poptarts and he says AGAIN ...COOKIES... I should have known then how the day would go. He refused to eat his cereal even after that is what he finally picked. The day has been one chaotic mess. He has went upstairs to his big brothers room and brought down some army men that he has had since he was little, but kept because dad bought them for him while he has been away with the military. Needless to say the men look as though they went through battle. They are missing limbs thanks to Little man with attitude. He has been trowing toys and boldly telling me that he does not have to do what I say.... What am I doing wrong? I thought that I was the mommy. Instead he keeps telling me I said No mom, I dont have to! Your not my boss! HELP!!!!

A long time!

I am sorry that I haven't updated my blog in a very VERY long time! Life seems to get away from me. I have become addicted to reading everyone else's blogs and then I stop and have to do mommy stuff so then I think to myself wait I need to blog myself. So today I am taking a lil break from everyones blogs until I get a post in! LOL!!!!!!! Whew!!!

The holidays were great. Hubby is home this year, while he was in Afghanistan the holdays were terrible. Tom is a big kid when it comes to the holidays, so you can only imagine what things are like when he is MIA. Pitiful! The kids and dad and I made Christmas cookies and watched lots of christmas specials. ( The year Without A Santa Clause is the favorite around here).

Kids are adjusting to him being home and the house seems pretty normal. We just want SNOW, and lots of it we have had about 5 inches combined all season. The times we get any is about a dusting to an inch. Not much to build a snowman, or go sleding. Good ole southern Indiana weather.

This month has lots going on ( I should say February) My birthday, my moms, my oldest will be 14 on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY! and the baby will be 3 on Valentines Day. The ofcoarse Our 15 year wedding anniversary is the 8th.... February is BUSY!!!!! Hope all is well with you all , and I will try to update Much sooner then the past!