Tuesday, February 27, 2007

To Joey and Amy!

Okay girls, I know you read this... So get ready to laugh or cry!

This is for the two of you...

Joe and I talk all the time... So do Amy and I.

I think anymore we talk about most of the same things. ( J, A and I) Just different context and one on one...

I had the funniest conversation last night with JOEY about passing gas... How many girlfriends do you know that you can do that with? I mean we laughed out loud... Toot here! Toot there! She is one of the most comfortable persons I know. I mean come on...I can relax with her and be myself! I couldn't talk about things with others that I do with her... NOT IN MILLION YEARS!!! I confide in her, laugh with her and eat Mexican food with her...Enjoy basket hunting with her. What more can I ask for.. Other then if we lived closer we could share a few fraps from Starbucks together. I couldn't ask for more....She is the best! No, I wont get mushy, she knows she is special... Even if she has squirrels in her tree~
Here's to you Joe....... The fridge! What a boring day back a few weeks ago.. cleaning out the fridge while being stuck at home with whiny kids that needed to get out! The fridge was EMPTY!! AND.....as you can see I really needed to go to the store so anyway I thought that what a better thing to do... being cooped up due to the weather I cleaned it! Then I took a picture after I went to the store.. Hey atleast while I did it I was inside nice and warm, but going crazy as one can see! Why else would I post this picture.. I am glad only friends and family read this! I must be CRAZY!

Miss Amy....

You have know idea what you mean to me...
I wouldnt have said it a few years back, we may not always see eye to eye, but we have one thing in common...BUB!
I know there is alot you miss that you wish you could share with us, as we miss the family time too!
Even though we can have dysfunctional families somehow there are a few that make it functional.
Do sister in laws talk about things we do? For the sake of embarrasment I wont go into the details! I know you have been through being away from a loved one, and though you are remarried you know what the seperation is from a hubby being away with the military. You know what is to feel the sleepless nights and sleeping alone, usually on the couch because the bed feels so big! I know that you are proud of Bub, and miss him, the boys and I.
You will be back before I know it and then the miles that are now between us will be a dream... Yeah....
A dream because I think that may be what keeps us sane... I know I had to ruin it ... I can't help it; I cant bring myself to be mushy!

Amy, I give you what you have missed... Pic's of the boys! Home!
J and A...
I love you guys! Sisters I have, but with them no relationship... The 2 of you make up for it. You guys are the best, I am glad that you are part of my life!
Thank you~ Hugs!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Its Raining... Its Snowing!!

The weather has been absolutley beautiful... AND MESSY! We have had rain then snow then more rain then sleet then all snow... Rain then 8+ inches of snow then a lil more ice then a lil more snow!

The kids and I have been stuck indoors... Snow days at school and county emergencys have
kept us home... While it is nice to be at home and snuggled in I HAVE CABIN FEVER!!!
Today I am going to brave the weather and go into town and go to WALMART and buy groceries and laundry soap... That is one good thing about this week... Not being able to get out has made me do ALL the laundry and it is is folded and PUT AWAY!!!

I know this isnt a great post but I am too antsy to get out! I might post later today~ so check back!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

15 Years!

Today is our 15 Anniversary
It seems like yesterday that I walked down the asile to become Mrs. M
It doesnt seem like it has been this long
He is my protector
My diamond in the rough
My Hero
My Best Friend

For all of this and more...
I love you..
Happy Anniversary Honey!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Snow play!

The boys went out to play as a group of three, however Trenton (4) came in crying that he wasnt having fun and it is too cold. The 2 year old and his big brother are sledding down the hill and as I peek outside and use the walkie talkies to talk to them I am told clearly how much fun they are having...The oldest politley told me to stop calling them. LOL!!! Christian is looking like an abombinal snowman... He is bundled up good.... LOL Trenton is sipping hot chocolate, snuggled under his comfy blanket watching GO Deigo Go waiting for his brothers to come back indoors. I think it wont be long since I dont want them getting sick on me..

Let It Snow!

We knew it was coming.... It just makes me excited to see it is actually here!
I love snow, we have had a lil here and a lil there. Today is the first "real" snow fall of the year. We had an accumulation of about 4 inches over a couple of days a few weeks ago, but it has been snowing since around 10am here. It is absolutley beautiful. We moved to the country 4 years ago and seeing the wooded hills in the winter is just breath taking when they are covered in snow.

I rushed to the store this morning to get a few groceries so that I would not have to travel when it was slick witht he children. There wasn't a speck of snow when I left but my van was covered when I got back outside from buying groceries. IT WAS SLICK TOO! I think I will bundle the boys up later and let them play after their nap... A lil snow never hurt anyone!

Monday, February 05, 2007


The COLTS WON!!! I live in Indiana as you may already know.. Our team won the superbowl. My husband ALWAYS cheers for the opposing team that the Colts play but last night he was caught cheering a couple of times for the Colts. The Super Bowl really was SUPER!

I am feeling alot better from my cold last week. I am still not sleeping as well so I wish I could take a nap LOL! Hubby and I went out friday night and had a nice time. I can't believe how simple our "date" was. LOL!! We went to Fazolis, had spaghetti, salad and breadsticks... Then headed to the mall... It closed on us while we were inside looking at a Sleep number bed. Then we went to Walmart got a few groceries and came home !!! We laughed at how we are just like Ole Married folks! We had a great time without the boys and just being together... How was your all's weekend?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Random thoughts!

100 Things about me! Whos next?
1. My middle name is Star and I never really liked it.
2.Turning 33 has really been okay!

3.I'm not digging the extra grey hairs that my 30's are bringing me though.
4..In the past I never really enjoyed the beauty of brown eyes and now I love them.
2 of My boys' eyes are different shades of brown.
5.My mom and dad took me to see Disney on Ice when I was 6 and I remember it very clearly. The started my fetish with Disney and Pooh!
6.I loved going to my aunts farm when I was little and Now I live on one without animals though.
7.I love all sorts of farm animals and would have a ton of pets if I could.
8. I think baby kittens are the BEST although they they stink I think it's healty to have pets, something to have to care for & nurture.
9. I think that my mother needs a pet desperately.
10.I love sunshine, it makes me happy yet a good rainstorm is wonderful too.
11.Tornadoes terrify me.
12. I grew up in a small town and loved it now it has grown We moved and now I live in a small town again.
13. Sometimes I wish I could fly and be free like a bird .
14. I wonder what it would've been like to have a brother growing up.
15. My hubby is the one person who can ALWAYS make me laugh and I love him for that.
16. I used to fantasize about living in Walnut Grove ( I loved Little House on the Prarie)

17. I watched 90210 every season til it ended
18. I will watch reruns sometimes.
19. I took my oldest son to see Hercules on Ice and I think I enjoyed it more than he did.
20.I used to like Debbie Gibson.
21. I llove the color purple.
22.I love watching Soap Operas, Maybe I was a soap star in a previous life
23. already running out of things to say.
24. I've watched General Hospital since 1992, when I was on bedrest with my son
25. I have never had a pedicure I have had toenails painted though.
I am going to stop counting
I love men in uniforms
Red wine gives me headaches. :-(
I have a very low tolerance to alcohol, don't know if this is good or bad?!
I love 80s music.
I love having 3 sons yet wonder what it'd be like to have a daughter at times.
I think I'm finally over my baby fever....thankfully.
I do wonder about adopting a girl at times though.
I have enough faith to know God knows what's best for me and He's in control, not me.
I thought I wanted 2 kids, Tom wanted 10 (even though he's from a family of 6) so we compromised at 1 and it worked for us. TOUGH AT TIMES... God gave us 2 more then by adoption
I'm a homebody and am happy to spend time there.
When I laugh really hard I cry because I pee my pants..
I don't like to cry and usually avoid sad movies....unless I NEED to cry.
I really love SUVS even though they're gas-guzzlers. I can't help it.
I'm so grateful for the wonderful women God has brought into my life.
Quiet time is my therapy.
I love to wear flip flops .
I love nice clothes but refuse to spend alot of money on them.
I love the Brown county shops which are about 25 minutes from me..
I am feeling like I dont know what else to say again.
I stopped this questionaire for 2 days.
Flowers & gardening are therapuetic for me even though it's work.
Music can change my mood in an instant.
I can't imagine my life without faith in God .
It's shocking I didn't end up with a red head, I found one so attractive but then again I was young and NOW I think he is UGLY!
I think Army men in uniform are very sexy.
I wish I could kick my caffiene habit.
My body has been very kind to me despite the lack of exercise I've given it.
I'd love to work up to running eventually to keep weight off & keep me young.
I'm going to go somewhere on vacation this sumer..
I'm very grateful for my husband's job which allows me to stay at home until the kids go to school.
I really really want to visit NYC and LA someday.
If I could afford a tummy tuck I'd get one in a heartbeat. If I could escape the fear.
I wish my hair was stick-straight but as I get older it's getting wavier.
I didn't like coffee until my 30s which is probably a good thing.
Someday I will have a big jacuzzi bath tub.
Someday I will also have a room just for my crafting rather than a small corner as I have now.
It's hard raising polite, well-mannered, considerate boys.....for me it is anyway. I don't think these things come naturally to them unfortunately.
I want to go back to work.
I used to feel great guilt when I'd leave my husband & children for a short time, now.....not so much.
I love to get manicures.
I wish I could play the piano .
I wish I loved to cook.
I've broken my foot it still bothers me at times.
I remember where I was when I heard that The space shuttle blew up,9-11 & Princess Diana died.
War & child abuse sadden me greatly.
I feel for people who do not have faith or belief in God or a higher being.
I am immune to caffiene.
I want to live somewhere warm in the winters
I'd love to own a Bed & Breakfast someday.
It's my fantasy to own a nice bigh house someday with a pool
It will be one of the greatest joys of my life to have daughters-in-law and grandchildren.
I love antiques and imagining stories about where they came from.
I am getting such a headache from this!

The colorPurplebrings me joy.
Sometimes I long for a much slower simpler life.
Great photography evokes alot of emotion within me.
I wish I had beautiful tanned skin I am so pale right now.
I met my husband the first time when I was in 6th grade.
I don't like not having family near me.
I love having alot of books around me, I love to read.
I love Baskets.
Fun, comfortable, cute affordable clothes seem to be getting harder & harder to find.
Sometimes I wish I was a young single college student with life at my feet.
I love blogging.
I love food cooked outside in the summertime and hope to have an outdoor patio kitchen someday.
Mexican food is my very favorite .
I wish God would tell me what I'm supposed to do with my life.
Maybe I just need to learn how to listen better.
I talk to God daily.
I rarely think about ME this much but I've really liked it.
I think I am almost done.
This was really hard....
I can't believe I'm finished!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Birthday... STINKS

I really wish that I could say that today has been a good day.. But I CANT! I Feel AWFUL! Last night my throat started hurting and I have since basically lost my voice. Since it IS MY BIRTHDAY I think when hubby gets home I will crawl into bed! With all the phone calls I might have to turn off the phones ringer but hey THAT IS WHAT I WANT!!! Hope you all feel better then me!