Monday, May 18, 2009

Six, one more day!?

I can hardly believe that six whole years have went by...
Trent will be seven tommorow, Already??
Trenton came into our lives at the age of around 8 months, he came from a bad situation. He remained with us until he was 14 months old. He had learned to crawl,walk, babble, play, and smile make eye contact..... He had grown in weight and in spirit. He had is first teeth come in, and ate his first birthday cake... Well it was a cupcake... it was everywhere. I just feel bad that even though I loved him so much, I took very little pictures of that time. I coped by keeping that part at distance. Even when I craddled him in my arms, I felt like I knew I had to give him back to bio parents eventually. So, I loved him, and kept him safe... but for me taking little to none in the way of pictures helped me... I didnt want the tears and pain looking at them later in time. As I thought and expected the court system from MI, let the parents have him back. I was angery that the system could do that to him... He was thriving. he was happy, and had gotten his shots all up to date which he had never had with them. He was turning into a chunk with adorable dimples and a sweet spirit.
Needless to say, He was abused when he was returned to his bio parents, and we found out he had Fetal Alcohol Syndrom, and was mildly autistic. They still failed him, so we got another phone call, for a gaurdianship, this time there was more.... he had lost 7 lbs, and momma had another baby. My prayers for Trenton to come back were answered, and with a brand new 4 week old baby brother. Can you believe the courts worked so hard to help the parents and yet they just signed their parental rights away? They didnt want them? Seven years tommorow, I had a life changing event happen... I fell in love and had my heart broke all at once! With Trenton... I know it doesnt make since to some of you, but I felt like I died when left and was treated so horribly. I feel like part of him is dead sometimes. Hes went through so much...
When all he deserved was to be loved, to be happy and healthy... Now he is... Forever! If I didnt mention it; we adopted both him and his baby brother, ( whom turned 5 Valentines day!!!) Wow! Happy Birthday Trenton... We are so glad we have had you for all 7 Birthdays!
Pictures speak volumes... I wish I could turn the clock back and snap everyday of his life sometimes....
I Love you Trenton... My lil Bug!

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